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Waste Shredding

Waste is not always simply something thrown away or no longer needed.

East Coast Waste is often called upon to ensure that material which is no longer safe, legal, consumable or reusable is destroyed so that it cannot reach the public.

That is where our industrial shredder comes into play – destroying or reducing such items so they can no longer be used. But there may still be opportunities for recycling of some elements.

Typical would be scaffold boards or other joinery which, for safety reasons, has reached the end of its legal life span but can be shredded and recycled as wood chippings.

A whole range of other items might be affected by health and safety issues. For example, toys which no longer meet tighter safety standards, products which have been wrongly labelled, illegal substances seized by the police or Customs, goods which will deteriorate beyond their sell-by date or those where fire or flood damage might render them unsafe.

East Coast Waste can carry out total destruction and supply the necessary destruction notices when required.

It’s a service which applies to many private companies but also to customers like Customs & Excise and local authorities.

Where the shredder is not appropriate, for example with contaminated foodstuffs, we will alternatively arrange deep burial and its certification.

Contact us for more information or if you need advice or help on the best process of waste management for your requirements.