Tougher legislation than ever is now in place to make sure that hazardous waste is handled in a way which most protects the public and the environment.

At East Coast Waste, our procedures are well established and developed to meet all legal requirements and avoid all risks.

We will manage your hazardous waste and take all necessary steps to make sure it is safe.

Asbestos and clinical waste are among the specialist areas we work in and we can arrange collection along with responsible and environmentally friendly disposal.

Hundreds of items are now officially categorised as hazardous, including fluorescent light tubes, refrigerators and TV sets, and we can arrange or advise on the most effective way of handling them.

Throughout, we comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) which was introduced intoUKlaw in January 2007.

East Coast Waste is licensed to dispose of both fibrous and cement asbestos and we can offer site registration and organise relevant documentation on your behalf to meet the Hazardous Waste Regulations. Asbestos analysis is also available.

We also deal with hazardous waste, such as oily rags or fluorescent light tubes, from offshore vessels docked locally.

When it comes to clinical waste, you can take advantage of our weekly collection service across Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area and we comply fully with the Environment Agency regulations. Sharps bins, lockable containers and clinical bags are all available on request.

We have experienced ADR trained drivers who are authorised to transport hazardous waste.

Our focus throughout is on safety and as a family-run firm we handle each project on a personal one-off basis to make sure we exactly match your requirements with a risk-free service.

Contact us for more details and ask for help or advice rather than take any chances. We can handle all your hazardous waste management needs.