The need to recycle as much material as possible from waste is essential in today’s society and with stringent environmental regulations.

But it is a long-held policy of East Coast Waste whose founder Paul Clements in 1989 established the area’s first independently operated and purpose-built waste transfer station at its base in Harfreys Road, Great Yarmouth.

Since then it has extensively expanded and improved its service and, in 2001, acquired a second transfer station at the town’s Eurocentre.

That early venture and the expertise gained since has kept East Coast Waste ahead of the game when it comes to total waste management.

Not only do we offer a complete on-site service but can also take full responsibility from customers for sorting and recycling or dealing with waste under pre-treatment regulations before it goes to landfill.

Our sorting system includes a shredder, a Trommel cylinder and picking station for separating recyclable materials.

Both stations are open six days a week to receive waste and our Harfrey’s site can be made available on Sundays by appointment.

Waste accepted there includes everything from general rubbish to construction, demolition, industrial or domestic material, scrap metals and even asbestos or clinical waste.

Our second site specialises in inert material such as soil, concrete, rubble and demolition waste which has the potential to be up to 100% recyclable.

There are weighing facilities at both centres with a fully certified 50 tonne weighbridge at the Harfrey’s site.

An average of up to 95% of all material from both stations is recycled, the remaining 5% being shredded or pre-treated to meet all required regulations for landfill.

Both sites are fully licensed under Environmental Agency rules.

All businesses however large or small are catered for as well as individuals.

One significant advantage for our customers is that their own waste management figures can be forwarded from our sorting and recycling process.